Trefoiled Again

Many of us visit Mull to enjoy its magnificent wildlife. When we’re frantically scanning the horizon with binoculars, or peering owlishly at the kelp from our car window, it’s easy to overlook the quiet beauty of plants.

Plants play it cool. They wouldn’t be seen dead talon-locking and tumbling out of the sky to win your admiration; as for bow riding and turning somersaults – well, that’s just not cricket.

To really get to know plants, you’ve got to make the first move. It’s a bit like going on a date: express an interest in what they are and how they live, and you stand to gain much more from the encounter.

The first step is learning their name (!) After this, you’ll start to “see them around” and notice where they hang out. Once you can pick a plant out from the crowd, you’ll find out who its friends are – so, which invertebrates pollinate it for example.

Mull’s most lovely plants are not necessarily the biggest; Common century, Germander speedwell and Eyebright are some of my own favourites.

If you can scrape your eyes off the sky, have a look for these jewels in our species-rich grasslands!

Stephanie Cope

Glengorm Wildlife Steward

Species Rich: Thrift [pink] and Birds-Foot Trefoil [yellow] blooming on Laorin Point, Glengorm.

Thrift & Trefoil