New Windows

Glengorm Castle was built back in 1860, and we finally started a replacement window plan last year. We have decided to replace 10 windows every year, and this is the week for the new 10 to go in.

Unfortunately for us 3 of them don’t fit!!!!! So the week didn’t start too well. We are at present trying to get them altered to fit as in the light of the loss of business from the Corona virus ,we don’t really want to have to shell out for 3 new ones!!

Anyway, the week has got better and today the sun was shining when we came to get the 4 new ones for our special wee sitting room at the top of the tower. This room is a sitting room with 360 degree views and is part of and accessed through the Tower rooms apartment. The staircase is very steep and narrow, and this causes problems getting anything in and put of the room. Last year we changed the sofa and we had to cut up the old one and chuck it out the window. I then did an unprecedented thing for our castle and replaced it with one from Ikea which I could carry up myself and build in the room. It doesn’t look like the best piece of furniture for the room, but it does the job.

To get the new windows up there, we had the loan of a Manitou from our very lovely neighbours at the cheese farm.

The windows up there, are past their best. This causes leaks into the tower which travels down and causes damage. We are hoping the replacement of these will prevent some bad leaks which have appeared this year. The rain has been relentless this year and we are battling against the elements being so exposed. One of the windows had to be taken out in order to get all the others in to the building.

The windows are all case and sash and are being replaced with timber case and sash and we needed to send the weights for the pulleys up on a lift of their own too.