Welcome to the Glengorm blog. We’re very lucky to be able to enjoy life here 365 days a year, taking in the wind, rain and and all four seasons. Over the years we’ve been sharing our experiences: wildlife walks, trips to sea, work on the farm and conservation projects. Even if you only get to visit for a short time we hope you can enjoy a bit more of life up here through the blog.

Recent articles:

  • Tupping
    Our tups are out! 24 well rested virile males have been let loose in the fields at Glengorm. As winter fast approaches, the circle of life here on the farm keeps going. […]
  • The Goodlife is back…….
    What a year this has been for us all. Covid has reeked havoc with us all and all our businesses, and here we are now coming to a slightly premature end to […]
  • Back to the new normal!
    We have now been back to business for a while, and the lockdown period has been relegated to the dim and distant past. Life has been hectic and I haven’t found the […]