Right now for us here at Glengorm, it is an eerie wilderness. Life is going on as normal on the farm, but the lack of visitors to the estate is becoming much more obvious as we enjoy our isolation here.

Spring is coming, one of my big tell tale signs is this great big tree at the farm. Buds have formed and are opening and not long from now it will be lovely and green. As we walked under it, the birds were chirping away, very easy to hear with the absence of cars.

our trusty old sign is being replaced this year

The daffodils came late this year and were at full bloom at the end of March. They have been pretty stunning this year and they are maturing well. Val and Steph planted a mass about 5 years ago and they now seem very well established.

After spotting some rogue primroses in January this year, there now is an army of them adorning the banks as you walk around, these delicate little flowers are my favourite.

As the daffodils are going into decline, the trees are budding up, and foxgloves are staring to pop up everywhere. Since we removed the rhododendrons, this has left large areas free for them and they are spreading pretty spectacularly. Last year they were great but I can se this year there is going to be much more.

Since our forest has been felled, foxgloves are coming out in force. They appear to have multiplied since last year as well. The last week of slightly better weather has saw the plants sprouting out of the ground. We all look forward to them being in full bloom and are only sorry there is nobody else to see them except ourselves.