New Glengorm Wildlife Ranger for 2017

As I approach my fifth summer on the island, it is with great excitement that I can announce I will be the new Glengorm Wildlife Ranger for 2017.

You may have seen me before, clad in my yellow wellies hopping on and off the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust’s research vessel Silurian, or dressed in a lime green T-shirt, hands grappling in a touch pool at the Mull Aquarium finding exciting creatures to show you all. However this year I am swapping my sea legs for my land ones, and my bright colours for khaki, as I explore the Glengorm estate in all its infinite beauty, ready to share my love and knowledge of the place with you all.

Having lived on the estate for nearly two years now, I am familiar with the comings and goings of the seasons.  The arrival of the first lamb, to the falling of the last cob nut. I’ve immersed myself in the clear icy waters of the bathing pools as curious otters swim out at sea and towelled myself off at flat rock whilst a sunfish swats the water with it enormous dorsal fin. The rutting deer have kept me awake at night, whilst overheard buzzards screech as I sip my hot morning coffee. Mice shuffling in the undergrowth, emerging if I am still for long enough.

I am looking forward to the step from casually observing the wildlife in my back-garden, to exploring the estate full-time showing you all that it has to offer.

So stay tuned and I will keep you up to date with some tall-tales and short-stories throughout the year and will let you know all the upcoming events and activities that I have planned for the season.

 Looking forward to seeing you on the estate soon!

Kerry Froud


Over the Sound of Mull

To compliment Steph’s fantastic write up, here’s some behind the scenes shots of what the humans were up to during the our trip to Sanna! Many thanks to Tom and the team for making this such a great day.

Heading out from Tobermory we arrived at Sanna Bay for an afternoon on the beach. There were 40 of us on board and this stretch of sand seemed the perfect size for our party.
We threw down the anchor and the boarding parties were shuttled in to shore.

Heading in to shore

Some made their own way in…

And once on shore each person instinctively selected their activity.
Teenage frisbee
Junior dam building
And Sumo Wrestling for the adults.

Sea Life Surveys do trips daily for Whale watching and charter cruises from Tobermory.